Realm BY02-BIMK Electric pressure washer is an ideal way to efficiently clean siding, driveways, cars, trucks&boats, patio furniture, lawn equipment and more. It equipped with INDUCTION MOTOR and the most advanced pump with double sealing to ensure good quality. BY02-BIMK packs a super-powered punch generating up to 2600 PSI/1.75 GPM for maximum cleaning power. It gives this unit the power to spray and scrape away grit and grime with ease. A 120-Volt, 14.5 Amp INDUCTION motor is lightweight and reliable. The energy-saving function can automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger gun is not engaged, prolonging the life of the pump. All of the connectors use the quick connector: from hose to gun, gun to machine, Gun to nozzles&brush and Patio cleaner, it’s very easy to assemble . This pressure washer comes with a 19 ft. high pressure hose, a high pressure gun with 5 spray nozzles, a built in soap dispenser, and a 35 ft. GFCI-equipped power cord, all accessories can be stored conveniently. Realm also provides varies sets of optional accessories for different demands, like adjustable telescopic rod, snake hose cleaner, turbo nozzle, angle nozzle, brush, and patio cleaner.

Realm BY02-BIMK 2600PSI 1.75GMP 14.5AMP Electric Pressure Washer

  • 30 days money back guarantee and 2 year warranty.

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