New Product Coming Soon! Lithium battery pressure washer.

Lithium battery pressure washer

  • which combine the fashion & technology

  • which can be used at any place you want to wash

  • with skill & experience

  • with handy exterior, but powerful interior

  • with transformable appearance

  • Auto-suction function, without restriction of water source.

  • Start washing tasks at courtyard, outdoor, anytime as you like

  • Brush-less motor makes machine more durable, less noise and more performance

  • A multi-function machine, with different pressure rate settings, low pressure for air conditioning, garden, etc.;


A. Samsung 4.0 Ah, 1.5 H charging

B. Brush-less motor, low noise, long using time, 600 Hours life


C. Water tank- 35 L

D. Machine storage

Washing Car tips:

Washing cars without tap water

Step 1. With equipped standard 30 L water bucket or the ones you have, start to use by auto-suction function.

Step 2. Insert water hose (with filter) into pool or wild stream, and start to use.

If washing cars with tap water, continued

Step 3. Connect water hose to tap with connectors and start yo use.

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