Realm Import and Export (USA) Inc. attends 2017 National Hardware Show

Thousands of attendees gathered for the National Hardware Show® on May 9-11 to participate in one of the largest events in the home improvement industry. The show kicked off at the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) Village in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“It is a great opportunity to show Americans one of the best and affordable electric pressure washer brands." Carl, the CEO of Realm Import and Export (USA) said, " The Realm sale network covers more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. With the expanding domestic market demand, Realm is in the development stage of rapid growth. I believe as long as the products are good products, customers have demands, sooner or later, each home owner will know REALM brand. Realm has 20-year’s history. Now, Realm is integrated into the world economic integration trend. We are going to make Realm become a cultural and a classic public praise by transforming itself into an international brand and company.A decade years ago, people only knew gas pressure washer. Gas pressure washer works pretty good and powerful, but with the expensive gas and loud sound, I would strongly recommend electric pressure washer replace the gas pressure washer. By the way Realm just invented the newest generation of pressure washer, with lithium battery, it is portable and easy to use. You can bring it to everywhere, it is perfect for a wonderful road trip. Don't forget, pressure washer can not only wash cars, you can also clean the house, patio, garden"

Realm is making a very successful achievement during the National Hardware Show, about 80 retailers are willing to cooperate with Realm pressure washer in US market, various customers crowd around Realm booth all the time.

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