Realm Pressure Washer Review- Realm HPI-1100, BY01-VBJ-WT, and HPI-1700

Hello, and thank you for visiting the site! In this review, we’re going to go over a new line of pressure washers, made by Realm. Realm Pressure Washers haven’t been out for too long, but people are already really excited about how well they perform on a number of criteria- from craftsmanship to performance, and more! In the following sections, we will discuss the positive (and negative) aspects of these new pressure washers, more specifically, the HPI 1100, HPI 1700, and the BY01. Additionally, I will try to compare the three to give you the differences among them.

The Realm HPI 1100 Pressure Washer

realm hpi1100 pressure washerThe Realm HPI 1100 is the first on the list. Being the smallest of the three, the HPI 1100 has the lowest amount of water pressure (PSI) at 1200 PSI. 1200 PSI is enough to take care of small jobs that don’t require a ton of pressure, like cleaning your tire rims, washing a house or a driveway, and similar stuff. I wouldn’t recommend trying to use it for tough lime deposits, or resistant stains. This pressure washer isn’t bad by any means, it is just not designed to be a super-powered pressure washer like others that can have water pressures up to 4,000 or more PSI.

The HPI 1100 is, at the time of writing this, the least expensive of the three. One thing I like about this pressure washer is the fact that it automatically shuts itself off when you’re not holding the trigger. This is a great feature because it allows you to save power and helps prevent you from accidentally pressing the trigger when it is not in use.

The 1100 model is easy to put together. There are a few parts that you’ll need to snap together, but you won’t need to be an engineer to get them together! Even a lawn equipment challenged individual (like myself) can stick it together- it is pretty self-explanatory. Plus, the attachments that come with it are just as easy to use and connect to the device.

The hose measures a nice 19 feet in length, perfect for getting around without tripping all over it. Shorter hoses tend to be useless, while longer length hoses just tend to get in the way. There are a lot of pressure washer models that get around having a really long hose by having an internal spool that the hose can wrap around.

The HPI 1100 only weighs about 14 pounds total, which makes it a very lightweight pressure washer. Other larger, more heavy pressure washers can weight upwards of 80 pounds, making them very cumbersome. However, you won’t have that problem with the 1100.

There are wheels around the side of the washer to allow you to roll it around, but you probably won’t need to since it is so light and portable.

The Realm BY01-VBJ-WT Pressure Washer

realm by01 pressure washerThis pressure washer is a step up from the 1100, boasting a nice 1500 PSI of water pressure. Although 1500 isn’t too much of a difference as far as PSI, it still makes a marginal difference and is worth mentioning at least once. The By01 has the same auto-stop system that the 1100 has, making it stop when you’re not using the wand.

The By01 weighs 16 pounds, which is still on the light side. Additionally, the Realm BY01 is pretty quiet while in use, unlike a lot of other pressure washers. The nozzle is adjustable and so is the detergent tank, allowing you to adjust the flow and force of the spray as needed.

The power cord is 35 feet in length, so if you need to stretch beyond that limit, feel free to get an extension cord to accommodate it. A lot of times the power cord can be too short, so make sure that you won’t be too far away from what you’re trying to clean and get an extension cord (if you need it).

One thing I don’t really like about this pressure washer is the fact that it is so tall. The last pressure washer was shorter and more low to the ground, which prevented it from falling over. This one, however, has the tendency to fall over a lot easier since it is so high off the ground.

The Realm HPI 1700 Pressure Washer

realm hpi 1700 pressure washerThe HPI 1700 Pressure Washer is the last up on the list- this washer has the best water pressure out of the three, measuring at 1900 PSI max. This is a significantly large difference from the HPI 1100 model, and it shows while you’re using it. The HPI 1100 isn’t too bad, but the HPI 1700 really takes the cake when it comes to raw power. If you’re looking for something that can clean the paint right off of your walls, then this is the one you’re looking for.

The 1700 has the same, reliable auto-stop mechanism that the other two models have, and it comes with a 19 foot hose. Unfortunately, it is still tall like the BY01 model, but as long as you don’t yank it around, it shouldn’t fall over at all.

The hose attachment is metal and leak resistant, and is very resistant to damage- from weather or otherwise. The last thing you want is a faulty hose connection, believe me. The last thing I want to mention is the fact that this model also has a “quick connect” way of attaching the nozzle heads to the wand. This makes it easier to snap them on and go with minimal effort on your part.

The bright yellow color might turn some people off from getting one, but I personally find it really unique. Don’t let the color fool you, the Realm pressure washer line is the real deal as far as pressure washers go, and I can definitely foresee this brand doing very well in the future! If you want to see more info about these washers, feel free to check them out with the link below.

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